Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I tried several times to get a good video of "the incident". Sierra made this pipecleaner jumprope last night. I was picking up Tristan just as she was trying to show me her jumprope and it caught his cheek. Thank goodness not his eye! Hopefully my buddy Neosporin will prevent this from becoming a permanent scar.


Ginette said...

Ooohh owweee! Poor little man! I hope he's okay! Darn sisters! hehe.

Darla said...

Look at Sierra's beautiful hair!! Poor little Tristan. I love that Sierra made a jump rope so creatively. Cole's in that stage right now. The other day he painted a paper plate, let it dry, put his name on the top, THEN he molded some clay sculpture to which he duct taped on the plate. He wanted me to put it on his door but it was too heavy. Funny 5 yr. olds.