Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekend Fun

I've fallen behind on my bloggin' so I'm going to revert to scrapbook mode. I'll just add little comments to each picture until I stumble across some extra time for more lengthy and profound posts.

My sister, Janelle, got these two puppies. We've been over to visit twice and the girls must ask on an hourly basis if we can go back to see the puppies.

"Put sticker on forehead. Smile."

This is what Kaia looks like when you wake her up at 7:30 on a Saturday morning.

Denver 2nd Ward Primary activity. We took a tour of the outside of the temple. It was perfectly delightful.

Temple flowers always amaze me. It is the Lord's garden.

Here is our tour guide, I've forgotten his name. He pointed out so many wonderful details about the Temple. I wish I had time to record them all.

Sierra and the Columbines.
Molly, Lourdes, Melissa, Sierra, Mia, Brother Snumphries, and Rayes.

Doesn't it look like our Savior is embracing these children in the arms of His love? Saying, "Because of the covenant ye shall be called the children of Christ, Mosiah 5: 7. If ye will lay hold upon every good thing, ye certainly will be a child of Christ, Moro. 7: 19. Fear not, little children, for you are mine, D&C 50: 40-41".