Friday, June 27, 2008

10 things

Amanda Soule has a list of 10 things she is grateful for right now on her blog. Since I want to be just like her, here are ten things I'm lovin' right now:

1. (These are not in any order, by the way) Peanut Butter. I opened the jar of pb the other day and found a spoon inside. I laughed to myself because I can imagine how it came to pass. I was probably going for my daily pb fix and was distracted--by any number of things--mid-dip.

2. My friends and their children and the free government lunch. I wish this was a better picture. I love these women and their delightful offspring and I love what free lunch does for my food budget!

3. My young women. These girls are awesome (even more so now that they've forgiven one another and are good buddies again). We are preparing for camp and everyone is way excited.

4. I'm always lovin' Gram and Pop's house and the great park off their back deck. But this Wednesday was especially wonderful because the giant sprinklers came on.

5. My girls. I always tell Sierra and Kaia that they are best friends (doesn't it look like they believe me in this picture?)

6. My brother, Jay. We went up to their house today. They just returned from a three week trip to Europe and we missed them terribly.

7. My sister, Grace. She is so sweet. Each of us get a great big hug and kiss every time we see her.

8. Hugs like this one.

9. These awesome dolls my parents brought back from Denmark as gifts for my children.

10. Summer moments like these:

As I sat outside and supervised this "i love mud" moment I had time to read the latest issue of Mothering Magazine. Two articles really impressed me. "Time-in: A mother trades time-outs for child-centered discipline solutions based on trust" and "A Summer to Savor: Let your child know the bliss of endless days with nothing to do but play". I don't always agree with Mothering Magazine, but I really recommend these two articles (check out


Ginette said...

Hey Mindi,
Love your blog..if only mine could be as cool as yours. You rock!

Liesl Law said...

Awesome entry! Thanks so much for watching the girls. The temple was wonderful and I learned a few new things. I am glad the girls were good for you.