Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday Already?

Phew! This week has just flown by.
Today I had to make quick changes to our morning plans (Liesl I sure hope Amri is feeling better and you get some rest today!) because Joy School was canceled. I decided set up this contraption:

All four of us rode (uphill!) to the middle school for free lunch day (we are taking advantage of the free government lunches they offer to kids during the summer). It only took 30 minutes to get there. We had an hour to spare so we played on the play ground of a nearby elementary school. I forgot my camera or I would have taken a picture. Kaia dubbed it the biggest playground in the whole wide world. It really is huge. There is a sign explaining that gambling money funded this play place. Their loss, our gain I suppose. The camera wasn't the only thing I forgot. Diapers and wipes also didn't make it on the trip with us and of course Tristan pooped. I made a few calls to friends nearby but they didn't answer. So I called a third friend who lived slightly far away and she was home and open to me crashing in and borrowing a much needed diaper and some wipes (and $2.50 so that I could buy a government lunch for myself because by this time I was starving (they don't let moms eat off the kid's plates, if the kid doesn't eat it, it must be thrown away. Kids eat free, moms pay $2.50. Crazy, wasteful government rules)).

Here is our Joy School on Tuesday. 6 kids, lots of snacks, a little bit of art, total happiness.
Silly faces. My silly face picture didn't really turn out. Or I would have posted it, I promise.
Pop found these dandelions while mowing his lawn on Wednesday. He said in all his days he has never seen a dandelion as big as the one on the left.
Gram painted the girls' finger and toe nails. I wish I would have gotten a picture of me trying to paint my toenails while avoiding Tristan's attempts at ruining said toenail polish.
Sierra made this crown on her own. It wasn't big enough to fit around her whole head, so she just taped it to her forehead. Very resourceful.


Darla said...

Look at you Mindi....riding all over the place on that contraption!! LOVE it! Was it crazy hard or did Sierra actually pump enough to help a little?

Mindi said...

No, it is crazy hard. I tell Sierra to help but I can hear her back there singing "I can ride my bike with no handlebars" and peddeling backwards!

Darla said...

oh mindi.., you're so funny. I'm laughing out loud right now!! (:

Joan said...

Are you talking about that riduclous song on the radio? I love your day's events. So great. I remember when my kids would be off track and once a week we would do something that was free and the other time something that cost. The free things were always the favorites! Those were the days!

Joan said...

P.S. I love the taped crown Sierra!