Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tag You Are It

My next birthday I will be?.....30
A place I want to visit?...Lake Bled, Slovenia
A favorite thing?....Travel
Favorite place?....There is a bed & breakfast on Whidbey Island that is in my top 10 favorites
Favorite Food?....Anything enjoyable to eat & healthful
Favorite color?....Green
Past pet?.....Tracker, a black lab I gave away
Nickname I have?....Mind, Schmoo, Whimper (I was a wimpy kid)
My college major? Humanities, extremely useful in my current position
First job?....I lasted about two weeks at the Monarch Dry Cleaners
My goal for next year?....Um, in 2009 I'd like to stop making mistakes

I tag anyone who wants add this to their blog.


Darla said...

I thought I'd post on your blog about the whole "young women" comment. I guess I read your post really fast and didn't realize you were talking about one of your yw. I thought it was just some random lady, and that you'd told her 2 of her goals were in direct violation of God's plan. Oh, how funny. Sorry to have scared you. I'm glad you're teaching your YW correct principles. (: