Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day & etc.

Here is Kaia posing as the figurehead of the Costco cart, protecting us from the swells of humanity therein. Much like this figurehead from 'Juan Sebastian de Elcano - Spain:
I wish I knew a comedian. I would call him/her and say I have some new material for them. Imagine me pushing the above cart through Costco at the height of sample time. They had some amazing cheese from a traveling cheese show there. While I was slowly chewing a delicious morsel of Parmesan cheese, I look over to see Kaia spiting her sample out into her palm, then looking around for a place to put it. Luckily I intercepted and found a nearby trash. Then we stopped for potato salad. This is the funny part. There was a huge cart traffic jam right in front of the cold room because all these cart drivers had picked up a potato salad sample and were trying to use both hands to eat and elbows to steer. I cracked a joke about it, but the lady next to me acted like she didn't hear me (I realize with my voice it is possible that she really didn't hear me). I should have raised my hand (I learned yesterday that my Aunt Amanda and her boys tell Uncle Steve to raise his hand when he is saying something funny, otherwise they don't know if they are supposed to laugh or not..ha ha ha).
The girls have their very own fishing poles and they are so excited. Here they are before heading down to the ditch to go crawdad fishing.
It is hard to get a good shot of T, he moves so quickly these days.
The fishers: Kaia, Sierra, Jack, Joe, and Adam's back there getting all the hooks ready.
Here is Adam opening his gifts. This very well could be the first gift I've ever bought for Adam that he isn't going to return to get what he really wants (or the first time I haven't just said, "You know exactly what you want just go buy it yourself"). It was a diving watch from Costco and some key holders the girls made themselves. Oh, and since I believe Adam will one day read this blog when it is in book format I want to add that I think he is an absolutely wonderful father who is doing a fantastic job keeping three kids and a wife unbelievably happy. I think he would agree that it was a great Father's Day (we got our first offer on our house and we accepted it!!! Closing should happen Aug 1st. Yipppieee)

This is our new favorite park! It is ginormous. I biked the kids here, then to free lunch, then to Sunflower Market. The cart got quite a bit heavier with a load of groceries in it, but some how I made it back home. Then all three kids went quickly down for a nap and I've had lots of peaceful afternoon bloggin' time. Ahhhhhhhhh.


Maren said...

I am super-impressed with the size of that park! I wish we had a park close enough to bike to. (The closest one to us is 4+ miles away and it isn't even that good of a park!)

Liesl Law said...

I want to meet you at that park next time!!!!

Ellynn said...

i love reading your blog mindi. mostly because you have lots of pictures. but also because you crack me up. when you're raising your hand that is.