Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday is a Special Day

What can I say about my little "baba kanoosh". He was laying his head on this yellow balloon and singing a little song this morning before breakfast. After I grabbed the camera he wouldn't repeat his song, so I just got this dazzling smile.

We were up this morning and out the door to Costco. I got everything on my list, took care of my contacts rebate problem, thought I really had it all together. Then later I realized I was out of shredded cheese! Oh, I was right there in the cheese isle, if only I had the foresight to do cheese inventory before leaving for the warehouse. So I'm going to see if we can survive the week sans shred cheese. We have the nasty sliced "cheese" that Adam buys for the kids, so they certainly won't be suffering.

Then we had the wonderful opportunity to babysit the Law kids while Liesl & Jeremy went to the Temple. I'll always remember Meagan saying that babysitters are blessed when they watch kids whose parents are attending the Temple. That was certainly true today. The kids played happily, took lengthy naps and before you knew it 4.5 hours had passed and the Laws were back.

I thought this was a funny shot ("see we can fit three kids in here and prevent a meltdown") plus I wanted to show off my lovely vines and archway.

Adam spent the entire day/evening (minus some time in the a.m. for the REI Garage Sale) out here in his "woodshop". The five bee "supers" he built last night are the wrong size so he had to start all over again today. We get to use the mistakes as book shelves and paint them fun colors. I'm excited about that project, but it might have to wait a few months.

Dinner was a little something I like to call "leftover's burritos". That may just be a grammatical error, but I don't care. I went through a bunch of leftovers in the fridge (sauteed onions, rice, vegis) warmed them up, cooked up some tortillas (I'm in love with Costco's tortillas that you cook yourself!) and voila! Yummy. Plus some homemade bread hot out of the oven with butter and jam then some cupcakes I found in the freezer for dessert (German Chocolate ones that Gram made a few months ago).
This is Renea. She is a wonderful girl who lives upstairs. The girls love to talk and talk and talk to her any chance they get. She was doing laundry today and they told her every family secret and more. She even let them talk her into jumping on the trampoline with them for a bit, skirt and all.

I am amazed with how much Tristan loves this fishing game. He will sit by himself playing with it for 20-30 minutes straight. A wonderful Saturday activity while mom runs around trying to get things cleaned up.

Finally the evening turned to street performance tricks (There is a guy on Pearl Street that can fit himself into a tiny, tiny box, for some reason it is fun to watch and makes you want to give him $1).
Sierra's "Little Mermaid" Pose. Tristan was smiling cute with his head by Kaia, but I wasn't quick enough.