Monday, June 2, 2008


Enforced Silliness. I have on my list of mothering goals to be more silly. I'm not sure why this is so difficult for me, but it is. So I'm enforcing silly time every day.

What says Summer like the sprinkler under the trampoline?

I didn't enforce this one. In fact I was quite surprised to come outside and see the kids huddled around Max, trying to make him wear an Easter hat.

Snack time. Apples and peanut butter on bamboo skewers.

Now this is definitely not something I planned. We went to Albertsons last night because they were having some great sales. Three boxes of Post cereal for $5 plus a free gallon of milk. We had two separate carts so that we could really take advantage of the deal. Adam snuck off with his cart and loaded up with Marshmallows because they were buy 10 for $10. Can you guess what we had for FHE treats? Marshmallows roasted over the gas stove.


Ellynn said...

i love the enforced sillyness! mindi you are hilarious. max looks great in that easter hat too!