Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Catch Up

I think about blogging, I even made several attempts to do so yesterday, but it has been a while since I actually put up a post. So I'll play catch up with the following 10 pictures.

Last Monday we rode our bikes to a park to play with the Laws and Purcells (who also rode their bikes). The three dads brought their longboards along (imagine if you will three bike strollers with longboards bungie corded onto them). This is Tristan and his buddy, Amri, taking a turn.

Kaia is a regular fashiondiva. I thought I better catch a shot of this style. I don't think she made it out of the house this way, rather just left a lot of headbands scattered around.
On Friday evening Sierra and I took a bike ride together. The real purpose for this trip was to retrieve my purse I'd left behind at a friend's house. This friend wasn't going to be home and I needed my purse for the next morning. She gave me permission to climb through her kitchen window. I brought Sierra along because I knew she would love the adventure. We took a quick stop at the park to get this picture of Max's dog house. A boy in our ward made about 20 of these little houses for his Eagle Scout project. Their purpose is to hold plastic bags to pick up dog poop. He painted the names of several of his own family's dogs and even did one for Max. When Sierra saw it for the first time (misunderstanding the purpose) she said, "Max will never fit in there. It needs to be much bigger." We all got a good laugh out of that one.
Tristan got his first sunburn. He went swimming at a friend's house and I forgot to leave instructions for sunblock (the family he was with has dark skin and I doubt they even own sunblock). He was pretty happy to be running diaper free in this shot, I'm sure you can tell.

These are my young women. Here we are at Youth Conference on Saturday enjoying a delicious lunch.
I volunteered to help out with Youth Conference when I found out I got to dress up in costume. The theme was family history and I was assigned to be a clerk in England. I dug through Gram's collection of homemade costumes and decided on the "old lady" costume. Gram has used this one for many, many practical jokes. Ohhh, if only I could be just like Gram. I got a few kids to laugh, but mostly I just stood there sweating like a pig in a hot room while wearing a semi-fur coat for 5 hours. But I was so grateful for the opportunity, 99% of the kids at the conference were absolutely amazing and awe inspiring.
We found the above book in our play room and for the life of me I have no idea where it came from. Sierra found several experiments she wanted to do. We decided on one we had all the supplies for. It didn't really work out, but it was messy and fun. The instuctions were to mark a face on a marshmallow, put in a jar, seal the lid of the jar with clay, stick a straw in and suck out all the air. At which point the marshmallow face is supposed to expand. We could never get it air tight enough to make that happen. Maybe because we were using playdough instead of clay?


Ashlee said...

Looks like tons of fun. Your kids are getting so big and are so darn cute. Any word on a new place to live? Good Luck.

Danny & Family said...

I like the picture of Tristan. Nice Bum!! Was he cranky with that sunburn? Well I hope you don't mind that I added you to our blog through Marisa. Thanks for teaching her how to get hers up and running. See ya soon.

Darla said...

great pics Mind!! You're sucha good mom.