Monday, April 7, 2008

Blog Questionnaire

A. Post The Rules
B. Answer the Questions about yourself
C. After posting, tag 5 people by going to their blog and leaving a comment.

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?? Sophomore year @ BYU. I was living in the BYU Student Foreign Language Housing and pretending to be able to speak German.
2. 5 Things on my To-Do List Today--- Make it, eat it, clean it up. Trim all 60 of my children's finger/toe nails. Organized the children's book shelf. Wash, fold, and put away laundry. Get the book club meeting set up for next week. Clean oven where chocolate cake erupted. Return unneeded items to Home Depot (I wanted to refinish our table top but Adam talked me out of it). Etc.
3. What snacks I enjoy...Right now I'm only eating a snack if it is a fruit or vegetable. And I enjoy that.
4. What would I do if I were to suddenly be a Billionaire? Travel. Search for lost treasure in the Caribbean.
5. 3 Bad Habits.. Losing all patience and control over little annoying things my kids do. Wasting time on the blog (I'm embarrassed to say how long I spent getting music on here). Putting everything off until the last minute.
6. 5 Places I've lived.. Thornton, CO; Brighton, CO; Provo, Ut (I moved almost every semester during college, does that count?); Denver, CO
7. 5 Jobs I've had..Dry Cleaner, Construction Clean-Up, Nanny, Janitor, House Cleaner, something @ Bell and Howell (my first real job and I don't even remember my title), Mother/Homemaker (I know that is 6, but I couldn't leave off the best job in the world).
8. 5 Things People don't Know About Me.. It is hard to find 5 things that no one knows about me. Here are 5 that some people may not know:
I love rock climbing (but not lead climbing, I'm not so good at that yet, and I'm not interested in big wall climbs)
I climbed Mt. Nebo in Mona, UT
I got stung by fire coral on my honeymoon and Adam peed on me to stop the pain
I can quote Wayne's World in it's entirety, almost
I worry about going blind
I am suppose to "tag" 5 people. Instead, I'll just say "If you have a blog and want to do this, do it."