Thursday, April 3, 2008


I'm not much of a shopper, but today we went into BigLots. Just the name BigLots! kinda scares me. Did they just think, "Here we have a store that is BIG and we have LOTS of stuff...humm, what can we name this here store? I got it! BIG and LOTS together. Perfect." We were looking for a Hooked On Phonics for kids that teaches Spanish, because a friend said you could find said item there. But Hooked On Phonics was no where to be found. Which is good. If I owned any Hooked On Phonics tapes I would just walk around quoting Brian Reagan (I tried to find a YouTube clip of Brian and Hooked on Phonics, but couldn't. If anyone out there finds one, please send it to me). Instead we found two great Leap-Frog games for only $10! Whoohoo. Here is a picture of our exciting find. Plus Sierra and the ABCs. Right after I made this video, she got a lot better. I promise.