Sunday, April 27, 2008

Our Weekend

On Friday we went to visit a school I'd like Sierra to attend if we stay in this area. It is called Magnon Academy. I like the school and I like their ideas and goals. There was one problem, though. The school is in a beautiful colonial revival style building with giant bay windows on the main level. Teachers are using the bay windows for storage of extra classroom supplies and it looks awful. I surprised myself and wrote a email to the director saying that they could make a much better impression if they would clean out those windows and put art work or something in there. He was very kind in response and said he appreciated the criticism. I guess you do silly things like that when you aspire to be on the PTA, yet your kids are not yet in school. On a whim, I decided to take the kids to the Zoo after our visit to the school. Unfortunately we were rejected at the front gate. I'd been ignoring all the renewal notices that came in the mail for our Zoo family pass. Somehow I imagined that I had until the end of the summer. I decided not to renew and we enjoyed a walk through City Park instead. This is a magical time of year when the Cherry Blossom Trees are in bloom and City Park has a great variety.

Saturday the kids and I went up to my parent's house to play and have lunch. Adam rode his bike up later (over 20 miles) and we met at my brother, Jay's, baseball game. After that we met up with Aunt Jane, her new beau, Bill, Ryan, Gram and Pop for Ryan's birthday celebration at a Mexican restaurant.

You can't see Kaia's hand holding Tristan's cup, but this is a live action shot of Tristan pulling the cup away and the straw entering his right nostril. Needless to say there was much weeping and wailing and everyone was looking right at me (Mindi).

Then it was back to my parent's for cake and ice cream. Here is Ryan with his Navy cake. He enters the Navy this July. He is one smart guy and is going to do amazing things. Tristan, Grace, Jay, Ryan, Sierra and Kaia.

Sweet Gram spent all day on a picture slide show (with music, even!) of Ryan's 19 years. It was wonderful. I love my family.

Ryan and his beautiful mother, Jane.


Jessica said...

I am guessing Ryan is your cousin, right? He is a cute kid.