Monday, April 21, 2008


For our last morning with Darla, Cole, Dayne & June, we walked down to the park (Sierra and Cole rode bikes). It was delightful to spend so much time with them. I think we grow closer as we learn insights into one another's lives by spending time together. Thanks again for coming out, Darla. I know it was a monumental effort. We had a wonderful time and we are so happy to be part of your family.

For Family Home Evening we played Mancala and ate "Big Mindi's". For those of you who are unfamiliar with "Big Mindi's" they are two chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream in the middle. As a kid, I loved getting the "Big Ed's" ice cream sandwiches at gas stations. So I created my own (with the help of an ice cream sandwich maker that my mom gave me) and called it "Big Mindi's". Here is Tristan sharing a bite with Sierra. I should have taken a picture sooner, but we ate them too quickly. Have you ever played Mancala? It is a lot of fun. Unless you have a kid who is obsessed with rocks (Kaia) and tries to sneak them away to add to the secret collection in her room. While Darla was here, Kaia must have given her at least 5 rocks. A symbol of great love and affection.

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Darla said...

Thank you Mindi for all the thoughtful things you said and the cute pics you posted. We had a lot of fun and although I'm exhausted and I'm pretty sure I have the flu, we're so glad we could come out! (:

Jessica said...

We should add "Big Mindi's" to the fondue party menu.