Saturday, April 5, 2008


I'm thinking in bloggerythms. It seems as though if I'm not thinking about the "make it, eat it, clean it up" routine, I'm thinking about my next blog. Currently I'm thinking about how ironic it is that our whole future seems to be hinging on the grades of a Regis University student from Seattle. We have 6 students that want to rent our house starting in August. Five of them have signed the lease, but the sixth is on academic probation and may not make it back to Regis in the Fall. In the next three weeks or so we'll find out how he did on his finals. If he fails, the whole thing falls apart. If he passes, we'll have our house rented for a year and most of our furniture sold (they want to buy our couches, rug, kitchen table and chairs, and possibly our TV, armoire, bed and nightstand). We hope to rent the house right next door to Gram and Pop. The landlord is flexible and she absolutely adores Adam. In fact, she's been holding her house empty for us for the last 8 months (well, we aren't the only reason she hasn't rented it, but at least 56% of the reason).

I've made progress on my "Feeding the Family" goals. I'm going to try for one or two servings of fruit for breakfast, one or two servings of vegis for both lunch and dinner for the whole family. That's not all we are going to eat, that's just the current fruits and vegitable goal. I'd like to have canned beans, flax seed, and bran on hand at all times. Lately I haven't felt like I've really "made" dinner unless I saute something. The following is a quick, easy rice recipe I came up with the other night:

Cook 1.5 cups brown rice. Saute 1/2 an onion, a whole red pepper, and 1 teas. minced garlic for 6 minutes. Throw in a can of corn and a can of black beans. Add cooked rice. Add 2 Tbls. Balsamic Vinegar and lime juice (about one fresh squeezed lime or 2 tsp.) Salt and pepper to taste. We had this the other night with a salad and it was successful. Then I used the leftovers the next few days to make burritos for lunch.

So since I quite possibly could have my whole living room/kitchen/bedroom sold, I've been thinking about new design ideas. I love the pictures in the following blogs:

Anna Maria Horner

Kelly McCaleb

Now I'm off to watch General Conference!


Darla said...

I hope I didn't offend with the whole 6 am meditation/reading scriptures thing. I really do hope to someday be there and I've ALWAYS admired you for being able to go to bed at a decent hour so you're able to do those things that we've been asked to do. I LOVE YOU MINDI!! And your blog is great. Fun. I need to post soon on mine!

Mindi said...

Darla, darla, it is impossible to offend me. I know what you meant and your blog was really funny.