Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Three for Tuesday

Jessica Smith has a great blog. She does "Two For Tuesday" and posts a bit about a favorite thing. I'm going to copy her here, but since this is my third post today (plus all the page elements I've added, geez I've spent too much time in front of the computer today!) I get to call it "Three for Tuesday". My favorite thing this week is my new Prana Yoga mat. Adam bought it for me at Bukoos while we were in Utah last month. I said it could be my Mother's Day gift, but I couldn't wait to use it. It is only effective if I get my yoga done before the kids wake up. Otherwise, they hog the mat and climb all over me and it is less than effective. I was taking a picture of my feet on the mat, then Kaia insisted that I do the same with her feet. Then Sierra and Kaia wanted to make sure that I posted a picture of them and their sweet yoga moves. Notice that my toes have recently been to the salon. A rare treat. I ran applications on 6 students who want to rent our house and there was enough money leftover for a pedicure. Plus, I left my business cards on display at the salon so I can write it all off on my taxes. Waahaahhaaa.