Wednesday, April 30, 2008

ORANGE you glad its Wednesday?

I stole the title from Curious Bird, the creator of "Week of Color". Tristan in his orange shirt was the main subject this morning. Gram and Pop found this great water playground at a new mall in their 'hood. Luckily, I was prepared (mostly) with a change of clothes for all three kids (Gram and Janelle took care of getting the kids changed into dry clothes while I went to three different pharmacies trying to find the best price on a prescription).

T was timid at first, but by the end it was all we could do to drag him away from the water!

Gram considers it a good day when she does not see an orange vehicle. I think it is ironic that "orange day" happens to fall on the day of the week we spend with Gram. She doesn't hate the color orange in and of itself, just orange trucks and cars (even orange stripes are unacceptable). She watched my kids while I took a 45 min. walk to the post office. Along the way I saw this beauty. I'm glad Gram wasn't there to witness the solid orange beast.

Here is my Gram, wearing a lovely orange necklace she made. She is very talented in many, many ways. One of which is jewelry making. She has thousands and thousands of beads and used to sell stuff at craft fairs. Her company name was "The Bee Charmers". I love Gram.

Here is a closer look at the necklace. It is hard to tell, but the charms are all Halloween themed.

For Young Womens tonight we had a service activity. The janitor who cleans our church building is out on sick leave (knee surgery) so the ward is taking over his responsibilities for a while. Tonight was our turn to clean the chapel and the kitchen. Afterwards, Kayla suggested we hit Baskin Robbins for $.31 ice cream night. Even though I had Ben & Jerrys last night, I was up for another scoop. Three girls came with me: Kayla, Brianna and Essence (we had a small turn-out tonight, we usually have about 10 girls). The line was monstrous. There were several fire trucks there, which made it all the more exciting.

Well, to be perfectly honest, we didn't actually get the $.31 ice cream. The line was just too long, so we ran over to Good Times and I bought them New York Cheesecake custard (we'd planned to get some orange sorbet at Baskin Robbins, but Good Times didn't have any orange options). A perfect ending to a delightfully orange day.