Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Joy School/Self Portrait Tuesday

I thought I'd take this week's self portriat during Joy School. We were all on the trampoline. It was a bright, wonderful morning. I tried to get us all in a pattern, but that is difficult for a 18 month old, a 2 year-old, 3 3 year-olds, a 5 year old, and a 29 year-old. I was about to write about how crazy I felt during Joy School. How straining on the nervous system it is to be changing a poopy diaper outside, only to have three girls come over at the same time and say they have to go potty. Or to be helping one kid get off the trampoline at one end of the yard, only to have to run over to the driveway to help a screaming kid fighting over a bike. Then Sierra and Lafai collided and she got a monster bloody nose. But a conversation I had with Kaia this afternoon changed everything. It wasn't that she said anything profound, it was just how it felt talking with her. My life is exciting and fulfilling because I have all these magnificent children around. Kaia got to finish off her Easter chocolate. Doesn't she look perfectly happy? I sure am.


Liesl Law said...

Don't you love those times with your kids that make all your madness disappear? Josslin, who hasn't had an accident in over a month peed in McD's today at the same time my phone let Holly's calls come through (we were suppose to see houses and never got in touch with each other this morning) and we were ready to leave. So I answered the phone dragging the kids out of the restaurant one with a pee butt) then I get home and Riyan wants me to lay by her and that wasn't close enough she had to laying on me! Not many people would think that is all that great but I loved it and I loved having that one on one time...literally...with Riyan! I totally forgot about the lunch ciaos!