Friday, April 25, 2008

Mr. Squirrel

This is my nemesis, Mr. Squirrel. He has two desires in life: to eat trash and scare the tar out of Mindi Bennett. This evil master mind has discovered a way to "kill two birds with one stone" so to speak. He chewed a hole in our trash can lid so that he can access all our trash. Then when I walk out to the trash can and lift the lid, a screeching beast comes flying out. It happens 87% of the time and without fail I let out a bloodcurdling scream. I know the neighbors must wonder why I would scream each time I take out the trash. Curse that Mr. Squirrel.


Maren said...

Haha! Classic Mindi. :)

We have tons of squirrels in Indiana, too. So many that we call them tree rats. They're everywhere. (In fact, one of the reasons we bought a house in a new subdivision was to get away from those pests! No big trees = no squirrels.)

Anywho, I have seen people use big rubber snakes to scare away birds and squirrels around here. It might be worth a try. (I suspect it would take a pretty big rubber snake, but you can get them at wal-mart. Maybe tape it to the garbage can?)

Darla said...

Kaia cracks me up. Look at that picture with the bow on her head!!! That NEEDS to be framed!

Liesl Law said...

That is awesome! I share your hatred of squirrels, after last summer them breaking into my kitchen on a number of occasions! Blast them! And me relocating them to the park didn't last for more than a week before they showed up again...I dread this summer! Thanks for the laugh and image of you taking out the garbage!

Liesl Law said...

Oh I have a live trap if you want to try to relocate this overgrown rat! Just let me know!