Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday by any other name...

The kids and I were eating lunch in the backyard, talking about this blog. We were looking for a good name for Thursday blogs. We have FHE on Monday, self-portraits on Tuesday, "Treasure Wednesday" on Wednesday, but no name for Thursday. Sierra suggested a few silly names, one of which was "dog bowl Thursday" (which I will later show was a self-fulfilling prophecy). Kaia thought it should be "rag on your head Thursday" and the rest of the day she put or tied things to her head.

Thursday is also a day one of my Young Women comes over. Today she brought some math homework and we worked on problems like: "Negative six plus an unknown number divided by two equals five." Please post a comment if you know the answer, if we were wrong I still might have time to call her before she goes to school :). While I was helping this girl, lets call her Sally, with her homework I tried to tell her that if she would just commit to turning in every assignment for the rest of the school year she would succeed. I told her that the things she learns in 7th grade are not always going to be applicable through out her life, but learning to commit and follow through with assignments will. She looked at me blankly like I had just asked her to walk to the moon. Adam was trying to keep the kids happy while I helped Sally. Tristan really wanted Adam's truck keys and Adam finally caved. A few hours later, we realized that the keys were missing. We searched high and low. Through every trash can, under the couches, in the toy boxes, ect. After a few prayers, Adam went outside and started searching in the dark. He found the keys in the bottom of Max's dog bowl (see photo below). I found Tristan in Max's dog run earlier, making a dog food soup with the dry food and water. I guess he thought some truck keys would add just the right flair to his exotic dish.


Jessica said...

I think the answer is 16?!?! Is that what you got?