Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Self Portrait Tuesday Replaced by YELLOW Tuesday

Tristan started the day with a yawn and his favorite fruit, a yellow banana.

There is a bit of yellow here in my treasured quilt. Made with love and mad skills by my mother-in-law.

We took a walk up to the park. The girls picked dandelions all the way there. It didn't show up well in the picture, but Kaia had rubbed dandelions all over her hands to make them yellow.

Another mom at the park noticed that I was trying to get the kids together for a group shot. I think she saw that we were all wearing yellow shirts and thought she'd help out with our family photo. Dorky, I know, but it is "yellow" day.

Here is our local library. It is called the Smiley branch and the building's architecture is awesome. It is one of our favorite places and so conviently located one mile from home.

Our iris' have yet to bloom so I was excited to see some yellow iris' on our walk. Sierra took this picture.

Here is Adam on the job site. We took Lourdes with us (one of my YW), picked up Adam and drove to Boulder for...

"Free Ice Cream Cone Day" at Ben & Jerry's!! A dream come true, really. We'd drive 40+ miles to get our hands on some free ice cream, although it probably cost us more in gas than it would have to just buy the stuff from the store. Naja, I've decided that I need to find more excuses for going to Boulder.

Lourdes took this shot for us. Tristan didn't get his own cone and demanded most of mine.

Yellow flowers everywhere!

This homeless man was quite a character. His sign said something about him being a homeless veteran. I heard a Boulderite mock him by saying "I'm a homeless draft dodger, can you spare some change." Adam was kind enough to talk to him for a bit. Notice the chariot. Adam got it at an REI garage sale and it is my new best friend. Luxury of luxury's as far as strollers go.

The tulips are phenomenal. I tried to make a comparison to Temple Square but Adam shot it down. OK, Temple Square is better, but Pearl Street is my next favorite.

There are BoulderBoulder signs everywhere. I had to take this shot, just to prove we were really there. It was a wonderful day. I'd go as far as saying it was a perfect yellow day.


Joan said...

Mindi, you make me want to be one of your children.What a great mom you are! I love reading your blogs. I also love seeing all the quilts from LeAnne, I never knew how many and how beautiful. Can't wait to see your next great blog idea! Love you, Joan

Jessica said...

What a great yellow day. Even your chariot is yellow (which I am jealous of) but where was Adam's yellow shirt...that kill joy. JK. Boulder looks like a beautiful place and the ice cream is definitely worth the drive I am sure. We go to Jake's Over the Top, a local ice cream place, all the time and spend about 7 bucks on two shakes when I could buy two quarts for that much but somehow it is better when they make it.