Sunday, April 6, 2008

Our Weekend

The kids did pretty well during our Conference Weekend. Adam printed out some fun activity guides and Sierra really got into the word searches. Kaia made a lot of messes and drew all over every one's papers. Tristan spent at least 30 minutes trying to get this red string wrapped around his toes (see photo). I don't know why. On Sunday, we went for a "reverent" bike ride up to Berkley Lake. They have a great play ground here and picnic area.

Then it was off to the Law's for Marisa Purcell's birthday party. We are three families with three kids each and we love hanging out together. Here are a few videos of the kids goofing around. We also took advantage of the opportunity to take family photos.

The Bennett Family

The Law Family

The Purcell Family


Liesl Law said...

Mindi- will you email me (and hope it doesn't go into that black hole) and attach the pic of my family please? You got a better one than I did. Thanks. Also try to send it to that is our junk folder and I'll check it today as well. Thanks

Darla said...

how would you feel if we came through Denver on our way to Utah next week? LEt me know!

Jessica said...

Great family picture. I am glad you guys have such great friends.