Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Treasure Wednesdays

This month's First Presidency Message by President Monson is called "Treasure of Eternal Value". I love treasure. I love scriptures about treasure (see Matthew 6:19-21). I love movies about treasure (see Fool's Gold). I love books about treasure (Treasure Island). Don't pass up clicking on the Treasure Island link. It takes you to which I think I'll add as one of my favorite websites. So I'm offically naming Wednesday, Treasure Wednesday, in my blog world. I'll start out with three of my most valued treasures:
#1-My marriage:

#2-My children:

#3-Gram & Pop's house:

Every Wednesday (except the cursed days we are sick, which has been the last two Wednesdays) we get to pick up my sister, Janelle, and go to Gram and Pop's house. Gram spoils us that nobody's business. She always feeds us a wonderful lunch and makes sure I get to take a nap. It is a dream come true, really.


Maren said...

Okay, I totally need a Gram by me! :)

Captain Chaos said...

I love your blogs! Great treasures! I would have to agree that my marriage and children are top treasures, and I'd add as my 3rd (since I don't have a Gram anymore) would be the Gospel! Thanks for sharing!

Jessica said...

LOVE to see what you guys are up too!! TOO CUTE!

Jessica said...

Great treasures!